PANICHISHTE is a mountain resort located on 1350 meters of altitude, in the North-western part of Rila mountain, 10 kilometres away from the city of Separeva Bania.

The resort bears the name of a nearby tectonic lake which has the form of a bowl ( in Bulgarian – panitsa). This lake is the lowest lake in Rila. Part of the river of Perushtitsa river mounts into it. Not too far away is Dry lake, which does not hold water because of its natural drainage, and very much resembles an amphitheatrical stadium. The rest of the area of Panichishte is covered in vast meadows and coniferous woods.

The variety of relief forms, the altitude, the great number of sunny days and the continuous stay of snow create favourable conditions for visits to the resort throughout the whole year.

Winter sports lovers can try one of the several ski tracks – Adjera and Bekyara (for beginners and advanced), as well as a 500-metre track for long-distance run. The vertical slope near The Seven Lakes hut is a real challenge for those of you, who prefer the currently popular extreme ski dips on barren terrains.

There exists a project for a ski lift from Separeva Bania to Panichishte, as well as construction of ski tracks and facilities to them. If the ideas from this project are realized, the resort will turn to a marvelous ski resort that will offer ski tourism + rehabilitation and SPA services with the mineral water of Separeva Bania.

For those of you, who prefer to see the beauty of Rila mountain in the warm months of the year, the area offers a great variety of walking routes, each with a different degree of difficulty.

  • Alley of Health – tours of Panichishte
  • Panichishte – Pionerska hut - 1 hour.
  • Panichishte – Separeva bania - 1,30 - 2 hours.
  • Panichishte – Skakavitsa hut - 2 hours.
  • Panichishte – Skakavitsa hut – Skakavitsa waterfall - 2,30 hours.
  • Panichishte – Rila Lakes hut - 4 hours.
  • Panichishte – Rila Lakes hut – The Seven Lakes hut - 6 hours.

Undoubtedly, the most interesting routes are those that lead to The Seven Rila Lakes, the most picturesque lake group in North-western Rila. The seven glacial lakes, which are located in the largest Rila cirque, charm you with their beauty and uniqueness. They are located amphitheatrically in the following sequence: The Teardrop, The Eye, The Kidney, The Twin, The Trefoil, Fish Lake and Bottom Lake. The difference between the top /2535 metres of altitude/ and the lowest lake /2095 metres of altitude/ is more than 400 metres.
In the month of August the numerous sympathizers of White Brotherhood from the country and abroad bring colouring to the area of the lakes. On 2300 metres of altitude, they spend about 30 days in contemplation and meditation.
Earlyin the mornings, on the background of the sunset and engrossed in music, the students and disciples of Petar Danov perform the beautiful movements of paneurythmia (a ritual dance that reproduces the harmony between man and nature). Even for the unenlightened tourist the view is extremely exciting and memorable.

For details about the area, the protected territories and routes, you can refer to Visitors Centre in Panichishte.
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